Dova International Charities, Ltd is raising money to address the unusually high rate of suicides occurring in the Refugee Camps in Iraq among the minority youth due to depression & PTSD. 

Refugee Children in Iraq are Committing Suicide

There are a higher than usual number of suicides occurring in the Refugee Camps in Iraq among the minority youth populations.


Many Iraqi minority children have been deprived of part of their childhood

They suffer because of the war & violence that devastated their communities and resulted in the loss of  many of their family members.


Our goal is the construction of a Gym & Playground Facility

These young Iraqi minorities need a place to gather, to meet others, to engage in fun and fulfilling physical activities which will provide them a greater chance to overcome their trauma and not commit suicide.  This facility will offer them a more active and healthy life, giving them hope for the future.


Watch Parween’s story below for more details about Iraqi Refugee children:

How You Can Help Build Up Hope

Athletic Playing Field     We want to ensure that Iraqi minority children have safe designated spaces in the Refugee Camps to enjoy their free time, play sports & express themselves by constructing an athletic field.


  Higher Fencing A higher fence is needed to protect the playing field and keep activities contained inside for a safer and more enjoyable playing experience.

  New Gate A new gate is needed with the taller fence for keeping the sports facility well protected.


  Cover the Gym The gym covering will allow for the facility to be used under any weather condition year round.


Please help those children who have lost their family members due to war & violence in Iraq & are  suffering from depression & PTSD and donate today.


We appreciate your support for our fundraising campaign, “Moving Beyond Trauma, Build Up Hope!”


Our primary mission is advocating for and aiding persecuted Christians.