DOVA International Charities, Ltd

Our purpose is to provide necessary aid and vital assistance to persecuted Christians.

Who we are: We are a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity committed to service, support, assistance, education, & training of persecuted Christians. Our Vision: Standing up for the lives of persecuted Christians through service, advocacy, support & education. Our Current Mission Project: “Christian Women’s Empowermentcampaign for the poor Christians in the Nineveh plain of Iraq to create and build businesses for themselves so as to be able to support themselves, their families and their communities in order to make their lives easier and be income generating and thus self sufficient and self sustaining.
Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide necessary aid and vital assistance to persecuted Christians.

Christians in Nineveh Plain of Iraq need your help to fund business projects in their villages.

In the Nineveh plain of Iraq, many Christian villages were attacked and demolished by ISIS in 2014 and 2016.  ISIS caused so much destruction and damage as well as created a tremendous amount trauma for the villagers, especially the children.   The Christians in the Nineveh are still trying to rebuild their villages, to find resources and develop opportunities for creating income generating businesses for themselves to support their families but funding in Iraq for the Christians is not really available. This is why we are dedicated to assist the persecuted Christians of Iraq.

Aid for Christians in Iraqi refugee camps.

Gently used clothing and humanitarian supplies were sent to Iraqi refugee camps through our partner to distribute to Christians 2015-2018.

Playground for Christian Children

A playground was constructed for the Christian children in Alqosh, Iraq, which opened March of 2022.

Skills training for Christian women

Skills training in photography and computers was funded for the women of Alqosh, Iraq so that they could receive employment related skills, courses completed summer of 2022.

Earthquake Relief for Christian Refugees

We provided funding to our partner, Iraqi Christian Relief Council, to help them in their on-the-ground assistance to the Iraqi Christian refugees living in the earthquake zone in Turkey spring of 2023.