DOVA International Charities, Ltd

Our purpose is to provide necessary aid and vital assistance to persecuted Christians.

Who we are: We are a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity committed to service, support, assistance, education, & training of persecuted Christians. Our Vision: Standing up for the lives of persecuted Christians through service, advocacy, support & education. Our Current Mission Project: “Help Those with Much Less Help Themselves” campaign for the city of Alqosh in the Nineveh plain of Iraq for the Chaldean Church Diocese to purchase a Bus for use by the poor Christians in the city and surrounding villages to make their lives easier and be income generating and thus self sustaining.
Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide necessary aid and vital assistance to persecuted Christians.

Christians in Nineveh Plain of Iraq need your help to fund building projects in their villages.

In the Nineveh plain of Iraq, many Christian villages were attacked and demolished by ISIS in 2014 and 2016.  Fortunately, the historic city of Alqosh was not invaded by ISIS, however ISIS occupied areas very close to the village causing much trauma for the villagers, especially the children.  Alqosh became a refugee village for thousands of displaced Iraqis during the invasion, destruction and occupation of the Nineveh by ISIS.  Much of the resources of Alqosh were allocated in taking care of the refugees.


The Christian Diocese of Alqosh need your help to provide then with funding for a Bus that can help get the kindergarten students to class at the private St Georges Chaldean Church school from many nearby villages.  The bus is vital for the impoverished Christians of Alqosh and the surrounding villages to allay the cost of transportation. It will help the poor families and the community in the Nineveh in a number of ways.  This includes taking students in the summer to their catechism classes and providing for income generating opportunities for all of the villages in the surrounding area as the Chaldean churches can use the Bus for Church activities and many other purposes.  We want to help these Christians with much less to be able to help themselves!!

Our goal is to fund a project to help the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Alqosh, Iraq purchase a Bus.

Your Donation Can Support our "Help Those with Much Less Help Themselves" project for the Christians of Alqosh, Iraq.

Bus for the Christian Diocese of Alqosh

A Bus will be purchased by the Chaldean Christian Diocese of Alqosh to assist the families who live in the villages of the Nineveh with transportation assistance for their children and other beneficial uses for the region.

Assist in Getting Kindergartners to Class

One major use of the Bus will be to help the poor families get their kindergarten students to their class at the private St. Georges Chaldean Church School from many villages in the Nineveh.

Bus will Allay Costs of Transportation

Having a Bus in the Alqosh Diocese will benefit the poor Christian families in the Nineveh so that they don’t have to pay for transportation for their children to attend the Private Church school.

The Bus will be income generating

The Bus will be able to be self sustaining by generating income via many uses for the Chaldean Christian Church in Alqosh, Iraq and surrounding villages which belong to the diocese.