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Dova International Charities was founded in May of 2015 in response to the persecution of the Christians living in Africa and the Middle East who are being harassed, tormented, abused, attacked, tortured, enslaved, and killed for their Christian religious beliefs.

Mission Statement:

DOVA International Charities, Ltd is committed to providing service, support, advocacy, and education for the persecuted Christians around the world especially in Africa & the Middle East.

Our mission is to advocate for persecuted Christians, educate the public regarding their persecution, and to raise funds so that we can provide all forms of assistance and humanitarian aid to persecuted Christians in great need. We are continually looking for opportunities to assist persecuted Christians.



We advocate for persecuted Christians by working with government officials and other stakeholders to open opportunities for their admission permanently into the U.S.


We educate people on social media, YouTube, and non-profit support organizations about Christians being persecuted worldwide to expose their plight to the public and garner more awareness and support for persecuted Christians.


We provide humanitarian aid to persecuted Christians in great need in the form of relief packages containing clothes, toiletries, medical supplies, baby care products, and feminine hygiene products.  We fund building projects in devastated Christian villages in Iraq.  We are continually looking for opportunities to assist persecuted Christians.


Our core values are Faith, Hope, Love, and Support.

Faith: involves following our Christian faith is all that we do and providing hospitality to our Christian brothers and sisters.

Hope: includes operating with confidence optimism, and courage and instilling those principles in others to positively impact Christians.

Love: comprises caring and compassion in all of our good works for the Christian community.

Support: encompasses delivering all forms of help, especially prayers for persecuted Christians.

Mission Projects:

  • 2015-2016: Dova International Charities conducted a used clothing drive from the end of 2015 through the end of 2016 where 5 boxes of gently used clothing were gathered, packaged, and sent to our partners in California. This humanitarian aid was shipped to Iraq & distributed to the Christians in Northern Iraq refugee camps.


  • 2017-2018: Dova International Charities compiled 7 Boxes of humanitarian aid which included medical supplies, oral care products, personal hygiene products, baby products, and feminine care products. We then shipped this aid to our partners in California. They were then transported to Iraq and are now being distributed to Iraqi Christians.


  • 2019-2020: Currently, Dova International Charities is partnering with the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and St. George Chaldean Church, to fund a project to build a volleyball field and youth recreational center for the Christian children in the war-torn village of Teleskuf, Nineveh plain Iraq because the Christian children have no place to gather, they stay at home and play on cell phones, unable to interact together.
*See the Missions page for more details*


Donation Allocation:

DOVA International Charities, Ltd. directs approximately 90% of contributions towards Our Good Works, and approximately 10% of contributions are directed towards operational expenses and fundraising.