DOVA International

Mission 2022-2023: Skills Development Training for Women in Photography & Computers

Dova International Charities, Ltd. is worked with our partner, Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC), ( a project in Iraq to provide Christian teachers and Christian women in Alqosh skills development training in computers and photography.

Project Goal: These technical skills training courses will create prospects for a woman’s intellectual capacity and give her the opportunity to innovate and develop her community (the family, the group to which she belongs, and also in her field of work). In addition it will enhance increase her chances of getting a job. Looking at the long-term, we will contribute to these educational courses to give a greater role to women in society, and to inform them of their rights and duties towards themselves and towards society, its laws and traditions

Project Concept: supply twenty laptops for participants in training and hiring trainer specialized in computer field and photography. First, the project will target the educational staff in schools, to raise their level in these areas and then transfer it, in turn, to their students. After that, the courses will be available to the women in Alqosh who wish to benefit.

Project Target: Course in computer operating system WIN 10. Email and programs (WORD. Excel and Power point). Explain the basics of photograph} and the technical techniques required to take a successful photograph.

A very successful project!

20 Laptop computers will be purchased for the project.
2 Nikon D7500 Cameras with accessories will be purchased.
The course will teach windows 10, email and Microsoft office programs: word, excel and power point.
A Trainer specializing in computer and photography skills will be hired.

Photography Training

Photography Trainer discussing photo taking techniques during Photography class in Alqosh, Iraq.
Trainer demonstrating camera features during photography class in Alqosh.
Photography students utilizing their new skills taking photographs in Alqosh, Iraq.
Alqosh Photography class graduates July 2022!!

Computers have arrived in Alqosh, Iraq for computer training classes.
Assembling the Computers for the computer training classes in Alqosh, Iraq.
Setting up the computer training stations placing the monitors on the training table first in the classroom in Alqosh, Iraq.
Adding the CPU units, keyboards and mouses for the computer training stations on the training table in the classroom in Alqosh, Iraq.

Computer Training

Completed computer training stations on the training table in the classroom in Alqosh, Iraq.
An individual training station in the computer training room in Alqosh, Iraq.
Computer training has begun in Alqosh.
Computer training class.

Another day of computer training for Alqosh.
Hands on learning in computer training class in Alqosh.
Computer Course Graduates group 1
Computer Course Graduates group 2

Father Salar and Trainer with Graduates of Computer Training Course.
Father Salar Congratulates the Graduates of the Computer Training Course.
A student receives her graduation certificate.
Thank you to the Computer Instructor.