DOVA International

Mission 2023-2024: Women’s Business & Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project

Dova International Charities, Ltd. is working with our partner, Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC), (, on a project in Iraq to provide Christian women in villages in the Nineveh with funding for Business & Entrepreneurship opportunities.  There are multiple projects that were funded with the monies we provided and that ICRC raised themselves.

Project Goal: These funds will create viable businesses for women entrepreneurs  in order to create  jobs for themselves and 10 families.  Times are dire in Iraq for the Christians in the Nineveh who desperately need to take care of their families with viable and steady employment however jobs are scarce.  This project will allow these women business developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to create Kubbeh food manufacturing factories so as to provide good, steady, well paying jobs for themselves, their families and friends as well as for their communities.  These food manufacturing businesses will certainly empower these Christian women as well as lift up their communities.

Fortunately, the funds have all been raised, therefore we are waiting to hear from the Assyrian Aid of Iraq charitable organization, working on the ground in Iraq, who are distributing the funds and helping these women get their projects off the ground and completed before we will be able to see the progress and completion of these projects.

Thank you to these wonderful partners for all of their hard work for the Christians in Iraq.  Stay tunes for details!!

***Details have arrived. Our donation of $8,000.00 to our partner Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) facilitated the opening of a food supply factory for the Assyrian Women Union of Kirkuk, Iraq, where many delicious food items, including the specialty Kubbeh meat pie, are manufactured.  See photos and video at the bottom of the post.***

Kubbeh Mosul-style meat pie is a dish of spiced ground meat stuffed in a shell. The shell is made from from Bulgar wheat and filled with a mix of ground meat, onions and spices and or herbs.
You can use either ground beef or ground lamb for the meat stuffing in the Kubbeh.
You can cook these kubbeh by either boiling in broth or frying in oil.
Kubbeh may be shaped into balls, torpedos or patties. The style in the Nineveh is the round flat patty.

Assyrian Women making the food items in their new Food Manufacturing Factory in Kirkuk, Iraq.
Assyrian woman filling a pastry and rolling it up.
Preparing the dough for processing into one of their delicious food items.
A look at the many manufactured food items at the food manufacturing facility.

Delicious Kubbah.
Looks so appetizing!
Another filled food creation.
Another type of filled bakery item.

The food factory is producing a variety of filled bakery items.
And still more bakery items.
The cooked Kubbah.
They have multiple refrigerators and freezers for storage of the food items.