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Mission 2024: Easter Humanitarian Aid Project

Once a thriving community of over 2 million Christians, now after the wars in Iraq there are maybe one hundred thousand Christians remaining and many Christian families are leaving Iraq every day as they are getting little support. What many don’t realize is that there are no welfare programs in Iraq, and government aid, especially for Christians, is non-existent.  The Christian area of the Nineveh of Iraq has been abandoned by the Iraqi government in Baghdad as well as the Kurdish government of the North so no one is helping them but a few charities like ours. That is why what we do for the Christians in Iraq and your support for what we do for these Christians matters so greatly.


Dova International Charities, Ltd. is supporting the Christians in Alqosh, Iraq by sending them funds with our partner, Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC), (, so that they can purchase the provisions that they need to celebrate this Easter season of 2024.


The Mar Mikha Charitable Committee in Alqosh, Iraq received the funds.  Over 100 families in the Alqoah, Iraq Diocese received funds for Easter food provisions.


Please view the appeal by Father Salar of Alqosh, Iraq:

Please view the thank you message by Father Rody Saffar from Alqosh, Iraq:

Please view the thank you messages from the Mar Mikha Charitable Committee in Alqosh, Iraq:

Please view the thank you messages from the Christians of Nineveh, Iraq:

Esam and Elham, siblings in Alqosh, Iraq who received funds for Easter provisions.
Ebtisam Saadi Eshu and her family in Batnaya, Iraq thanking us for the Easter funds.
Rani Qasyounan, Member of Mar Mikha Charitable Committee, thanking us for the funds for Easter Baskets.
Thank you from Mar Mikha Charitable Committee for the funding for over 100 needy Christian families in Alqosh Diosese, Iraq.